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20010608: METEOSAT-7 AREA files available by FTP at Marshall Space Flight Center (cont.)

>From: Jim Koermer <address@hidden>
>Organization: Plymouth State
>Keywords: 200106081245.f58CjFp25719 NOAAPORT channel 4 METEOSAT


>I would be interested in pursuing this,


>but I'll be fairly busy for the next several weeks.

I understand.  I am quite jammed up for the summer as well.

>I have also just ordered a new server (with dual Pentium 1GHz
>processors) and 2GB of RAM and 200+GB RAID. This should give me plenty
>of room to store additional satellite data.

This sounds wonderful!  I don't know if you have great interest in the
Meteosat and/or GMS imagery, but it is very nice to see what is happening
on the other side of the world sometimes :-)

>I will be in Boulder from 18-20 June to visit FSL on the afternoon of
>the 18th and I'm also a member of an AMS Committee that is meeting on
>the 19th and 20th.  I'm arriving in Denver on the 18th and leaving in
>the afternoon of the 20th. If I can find some time in the schedule, I'll
>try to visit Unidata. 

I hope to see you when you are in town.

>Following your instructions, I got the MCGUI interface working, but if I
>exit McIDAS and restart it again, it seems to have amnesia and I have to
>do the TENTER "UNIMENU.DEF, etc. procedures all over again.

This sounds like the information is getting saved OK into the string
table, but that the string table is going away between invocations of
McIDAS.  This would be the case if your session did not have a file
REDIRECTion for STRTABLE.  If you get a chance, could you send me the
output of the following command:


This should be done from the MCGUI session that you are running.  The
GUI console that is part of the MCGUI is opened by clicking the
mouse left mouse button on the keyboard icon at the top of the

If my suspicion is correct, you will see one of two things:

1) STRTABLE is located in a subdirectory of the .mctmp directory (which is
   a subdirectory of the HOME directory of the user you are running as).
   The file STRTABLE should be located in the current working directory
   for each McIDAS user.  This directory would be ~mcidas/workdata for
   the user 'mcidas', and ~user/mcidas/data for a user named 'user'.  The
   output from:


   for the user 'mcidas' should look like:

   ---- --------- ------------ -------- ---------
   -rw-    139488 Jun 08 15:55 STRTABLE /home/mcidas/workdata
   139488 bytes in 1 files

2) STRTABLE is not writable by you.  If this is the case, doing something


   followed by:


   will NOT result in:

   ABCD        := EFGH
     --END OF LIST

>In running McGUI, I encountered a few Tcl Script errors. One was "Error:
>unable to convert date-time string 1/1/100". This seems to be a Y2K
>issue. I get a few other Tcl errors and will try to pass them along as
>time permits.

I would appreciate knowing exactly when this happens so I can figure out
what is going on.


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