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20010607: McIDAS-X 7.7 start problem

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: Plymouth State
>Keywords: 200106071942.f57JgRp25385 McIDAS MCGUI STRTABLE UNIMENU.DEF


>We just finished upgrading our FreeBSD OS and all the Unidata stuff,
>seems to be working except for the McIDAS GUI interface (which worked
>before the upgrade).  I can still run McIDAS from the command mode and
>my web interface.
>When I start the program I get the command window, a display window, and for a
>brief second the GUI display window which immediately goes away. Here is the
>output from the command window:
>            M c I D A S - X     V e r s i o n  7.705 Unidata
>mcimage: number of graphics colors plus image colors cannot be more than
>mcimage: Attempting to guess a good value 
>mcimage: Using slow processing for Z-16 images

OK.  I am a little suprised by this since you are running in 16-bit mode,
but this is not related to your problem.


For reference, another way of starting McIDAS is:

mcidas config

This pops open a GUI widget that allows you to set things like the number
and size of frames; how many colors should be used for images/graphics, etc.
The version of the graphical startup that will be included with 7.8 also
(re)writes the .mcidasrc file.

>Group Name                    Server IP
><LOCAL-DATA> indicates that data will be accessed from the local data
>Error in startup script: can't read "svalue": no such
>    while
>"set dvalue
>    (procedure "stringLoad" line
>    invoked from
>    (file "/home/mcidas/bin/mcgui.k" line 1294) 
>Any ideas? Thanks.

Yes.  Do the following:

1) delete the file REDIRECTion for UNIMENU.DEF:


2) restore values from the latest UNIMENU.DEF to your string table (the
   new version gets installed in ~mcidas/data, so it will be found by
   virtue of your MCPATH:


3) try the MCGUI start again:

   MCGUI  <- since McIDAS is already running


   mcidas config         <- if McIDAS is not yet running

I assume that you have had a chance to talk to Joe and Ted W. about the
recent flurry of machine hacks across the net?  I had the occasion to
talk with Ted about the breakins.  It looks like some activity may have
originated at Plymouth, and other was initiated from elsewhere (Romania).
** I HATE ** those hackers with a passion!!!


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