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20010601: LDM ingest of NLDN data; ldm-mcidas decoding of same (cont.)

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200105302052.f4UKq2p15034 ldm-mcidas LDM pqact.conf


>ok, just a couple bits more.


>From your comments above, I gather there is a little mystery about
>why the decoders where not running as they should have.

Yes, I consider the failure of profiler and lightning decoding a mystery.

>I am not 
>going to worry about it, but thought I had stopped and started ldm
>as I was supposed to.

OK, I wouldn't worry about it either.

>Now, regarding the display of NLDN data,  I found that I could not
>get it to plot using your GUI.  The command runs, the map plots but
>no data shows. No error message was listed.


>I clicked on Display, then Lightning data ....
>When I tried the old Function key menu, it worked ok and the data 

The difference between the two would be that the plotting out of the
Fkey menu is done with an ADDE routine, and the one out of the 7.7
MCGUI is done with a non-ADDE routine.

>The machine I did this from is pileus.stcloudstate.edu,  student 
>user has pw of  scsumet*   but the machine may be down for hardware
>maintenance later today to install a Sun PCI card.


>So, any ideas ?

Not right off.  I will try to crank up the MCGUI from a machine which
has the realtime data mounted to it and see if I can reproduce the failure
here.  If I can, I will develop a fix and install it on waldo.  In either
case, I will let you know the results of my investigation.


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