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20010106: BKGRUN problem.

>From: McIDAS <address@hidden>
>Organization: McIDAS proyect
>Keywords: 200101062347.f06NlRo05252 McIDAS-X MCGUI upcguiprocs.tcl


>I am back! I figued since I haven't been around for a while i'd give
>you an easy one.  BTW Happy New Year! Congratulations!

Happy New Year to you also!

>Anyway when doing Weather Text (if I am not mistaken) under MciDAS, and
>try to display the State Forecast Discussion we get no information from
>the program. I thought we had it in our feed, but might've been removed,
>it's been a while so I don't remember well how to work with LDM without
>messing something up... temporarily at least.

It could be something in your XCD setup.  I need more information to
have an idea about what may be going on.

>The college said it also
>improved its lines but we'll have to see about that. Anyway we will need
>this information. While I'm in the subject, is there a command that will
>let you save the weather text to a file instead of to the console when
>doing batch files (i.e. wxtlist.k or something like that)

All McIDAS commands accept the global keyword DEV=.  This keyword allows
one to save textual output from a command invocation to a file.  Here
is one example:

SFCLIST KDEN 24                      <- text output goest to console

SFCLIST KDEN 24 DEV=T denverwx.out   <- text output goes to ASCII file 

>On a different line:
>user defined loads don't work on McIDAS. They do on other accounds but
>not on McIDAS (and i know it should be used only for administration but
>my boss is adamant on using it for viewing stuff).
>Here's the error (along with the command):
>X X 12 YES >
>Error in startup script: expected floating-point number but got
>    while
>".f.line.scal set
>    (file "/unidata/mcidas/bin/imagloop.gui" line
>He says it comes back every now and then. If you have an idea that
>would be very helpful.

It would suprise me greatly if the same action worked for all users
except 'mcidas'.  A consistent failure would mean that the module
imagloop.gui needs to be update to the latest bugfix release.

>Anyway Talk to you later! 

It might be a good idea to update your McIDAS-X installation to the
latest release, Version 7.7.  This way modules with bugs that have
been fixed will be used instead of ones that need updating.  Please
check out:


for more information on Version 7.70.


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