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20010104: IMGREMAP: MAG= vs RES= (cont.)

>From: Jason Allard <address@hidden>

re: unit positional parameter on IMGPROBE
>That is exactly what I wanted thanks.
>There is another question I have... when I'm using IMGDISP, I want a specific
>lat/long to be in the center of the frame... so I use:
>This puts 40N/90W in the center of the frame and draws the rest of the image
>from there... this is what I wanted... but as soon as I try to change the
>size of the image, it moves the image to the upper left part of the frame.  
>The command I used was:
>The lat/long of 40/90 is still in the center of the 'image', but the image
>is now in the upper left part of the frame... I'd like it to be in the center
>of the frame.  Looking over the help, I don't see why adding the SIZ created
>a conflict that moved the image to the upper left.  Is this just what happens,
>or is there a way around it.

I just verified this, and it looks like a bug to me!  I will have to dive
into this further to see if it really is a bug, or if I don't understand
correctly what is supposed to happen.



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