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20001204: McIDAS: memory allocation problem (cont.)

>From: Gary Cunning <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200011141520.eAEFKZO20569 McIDAS-X 7.6x PROPLT


>My desktop's kernel has been rebuilt with more shared memory. I am able
>to remap satellite images now.


>I think I have found problem/bug with
>IMGREMAP, when the projection is lambert conformal. I am trying to set
>both the standard parallels to 25 degrees. When I set both the parallels
>to 25 degrees, I get the "IMGREMAP: Failed to acquire memory to store
>source image". When I set the parallels to 24.9 and 25.1, the command
>runs succesfully.

What is going on here is that the Lambert Conformal projection in McIDAS
requires that the standard latitudes be different.  If you want to remap
into a projection where the projection cone is tangent to the surface
of the earth (i.e., the standard latitudes are the same), then you need
to remap into the Tangent Cone projection (TANC= keyword).


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