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20001205: mcidasx 7.70

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200012050229.eB52Tdo13794 McIDAS-X 7.7


>I was just about to bring another mcidas station to life, and when 
>I looked at the web site, I decided to check on 7.70.  Saw it was
>just released today, so picked it.  When I got to downloading the
>distribution, found that it was not there.  

I had plans for releasing it today, but I have been continuously bombarded
by support activities, so I did not make the deadline.  I _really_ hope
to get this done either later tonight (not likely since I am pooping
out) or sometime tomorrow.

>I have used 7.60 so far,(have about 4 of our new Suns running it)
>and it works fine, so I can use it, but if it will be just a day 
>or so, I will wait. 

My plan is for the wait to really only be another day or two.

>My guess is you are
>real busy with some last minute tweaks, so sorry to interupt.

Yup, you hit the nail right on the head!

>Winter is arriving with strength here tonight.

The forecasts for here have it cooling off considerably.  I havn't poked
my nose out of the door since 11 am, so I can't tell what is happening
right now.

Talk to you later...


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