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20001113: RedHat Linux McIDAS-X install at AWC (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: Aviation Weather Center
>Keywords: 200011131943.eADJhcO11970 McIDAS-X install


>Whoopsie...  You know I saw mention of f2c.h in the README, but
>the makefile install rule didn't mention it so I spaced it.

>Since you suggested/mentioned it, everything is /usr/local/ based now for

Thanks for the quick action on installation of f2c.h!

>Let me know when I should do the mcadde install.

It appears that ftb2 (what a strange name!) is nice and fast.  Just to
satisfy my curiosity, what is this box (I assume something like a P-III
running at over 500 Mhz).  What speed disk(s) does it have?

I started the build immediately after noticing f2c.h showing up in
/usr/local/include.  Everything was building smoothly until the curses
library was not found.  This appears to be caused by a lack of
/usr/lib/libncurses.a or a link from libncurses.so to libncurses.so.4
in /usr/lib.

The Linux loader does not recognize that it should use libncurses.so.4,
so the link from it to libncurses.so has to be made (go figure).

Tom Yoksas

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