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20001113: RedHat Linux McIDAS-X install at AWC

>From: Gary Cunning <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200011131943.eADJhcO11970 McIDAS-X install


Gary Cunning told me that I should contact you directly on issues related
to the installation of Unidata McIDAS on f2b2.

In Gary's last message to me, he noted:

>I think ftb2 is ready for the mcidas install. I received an email from
>Steve Danz the system administrator at the AWC. The f2c exectuable and
>libraries have been installed.

The thing that was not installed and is needed is the f2c header file,
f2c.  I typically installed the f2c "stuff" in /usr/local:

f2c    -> /usr/local/bin
f2c.h  -> /usr/local/include
libf2c -> /usr/local/lib

The installation of f2c in /usr/bin and libf2c.a in /usr/lib is no problem,
but the lack of f2c.h in either /usr/include or /usr/local/include prevents
me from building McIDAS-X on your system.  Can you lend a hand?

>The disk space appears to be adequate.

It is.

>the mcadde account has been added.

This looks good as well.

>If you run into problems, you can
>contact me or cantact Steve directly. To do so, his email is
>address@hidden and his phone number is 816-594-7257.

This is why I am contacting you.

Gary and I also talked about the eventuality of this machine running a
McIDAS-X ADDE remote server.  The installation of this will require
'root' privilege, so you will have to do it.  The procedure is simple
given that the account for the user 'mcadde' has already been created:

o become 'root'
o cd /home/mcidas
o sh mcinet7.7.sh install mcadde

The mcinet7.7.sh script adds entries to /etc/system (for ports 500 and
503) and /etc/inetd.conf (for mcserv and mccompress).  It also sends a
HUP signal to inetd so that it (inetd) will reread /etc/inetd.conf.

The installation of the McIDAS ADDE remote server typically takes about
a minute, but it has to be done after McIDAS-X is built and installed.

Please let me know when f2c.h has been installed.

Tom Yoksas

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