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20001105: ADDE and xinetd on RedHat 7.0 Linux

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Georgia
>Keywords: 200011060052.eA60qb415154 McIDAS-X 7.6x ADDE RedHat 7.0 Linux


>I have actually purchased a brand new machine for my LDM 
>server. As you recall, I had just recently migrated to a 
>LINUX system. So, I am on my second new system this 
>semester. (It's a royal pain, but the department received a 
>small fortune in student technology fee money and were told 
>to spend it now. We were also told we wouldn't receive any 
>additional money for at least three years! I figured now 
>was my only chance to put together a nice server.) For the 
>most part, I am simply copying the configuration to this 
>new system. 

New equipment sounds good to me!

>I decided to upgrade to RedHat 7, because I found I needed 
>the new version of glibc for GEMPAK 5.6.

I believe that the version of glibc in RH 6.x works in 7.0.

>We couldn't figure 
>out any way to just upgrade glibc to the necessary level on 
>RedHat 6.2.

Did Chiz build on 7.0?  I thought he put together the binary release
for 5.6 on 6.x, but I could be wrong.

>I also took this opportunity to load McIDAS 7.7.


>So far, so good. All of GEMPAK is working, along with LDM 
>and the decoders. I think all of XCD is working as well. 
>(If do this enough times, I seem to get it figured out.) Now
>we're back to ADDE. Here's the question...

Now, why couldn't your message have ended before the last sentence ;-)

>The new version of LINUX uses xinted instead of inetd. So, 
>there is no inetd.conf.

I really wish the Linux developers would stop making changes that make
Linux less and less like Unix!!!!!

>Instead, there is a directory 
>/etc/xinetd.d. In that directory are files the look like 
>the following (telnet): 
>[mcidas]$ cat telnet
># default: on
># description: The telnet server serves telnet sessions; it uses \
>#       unencrypted username/password pairs for authentication.
>service telnet
>        flags           = REUSE
>        socket_type     = stream
>        wait            = no
>        user            = root
>        server          = /usr/sbin/in.telnetd
>        log_on_failure  += USERID

I hadn't been aware of the inetd change until you sent in your message.
I thank you for this.

>I'm sure someone else will ask, so can you tell me how I 
>would need to configure such a file for ADDE. Presumably, I 
>will create a file /etc/xinetd.d/adde.

I have not had a chance to do this, so I can't say right now.  I will 
defer your query until my system administrator who is a Linux hound
comes into work.  I forwarded him your query and asked him to research
the changes that need to be made.

Sticking my neck out, however, (what the hey :-o), I would say that
the entries would look something like:

# mcservsh (port 500)
service mcserv
        flags           = REUSE
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
        user            = mcadde
        port            = 500
        server          = /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh
        server-args     = -H /home/mcidas
        log_on_success  = USERID HOST DURATION
        log_on_failure  = USERID HOST

# mcservsh (port 503)
service mccompress
        flags           = REUSE
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
        user            = mcadde
        port            = 503
        server          = /home/mcidas/bin/mcservsh
        server-args     = -H /home/mcidas
        log_on_success  = USERID HOST DURATION
        log_on_failure  = USERID HOST

I can honestly say that these don't "feel" complete, but they may work.
The man page for xinetd.conf has a LOT of options, so some additional
ones may be useful to sepcify.


If you decide to give the configurations above a shot, I would _really_
like to hear of your failures/successes.


>From address@hidden Mon Nov  6 18:29:42 2000
>Subject: 20001105: ADDE and xinetd on RedHat 7.0 Linux


I tried adding two files in /etc/xinetd.d for mcserv and mccompress
based on what your provided below. I rebooted and tried to telnet on
ports 500 and 503. Both worked. I haven't actually tried the ADDE
(since I'm doing this from home), but it's a good start!


>From address@hidden Mon Nov  6 18:32:25 2000
>Subject: 20001105: ADDE and xinetd on RedHat 7.0 Linux


One other thing I meant to mention... I am now successfully feeding the
data from my NOAAport server to my LDM server via the LDM. This will
mean the NOAAport data won't be available again until this transition
to the new machine is complete (probably just a few more days), but it
should provide MUCH faster to access to the imagery. No more worrying
about NFS mounted drives and the slow network connection from the
server room to the NOAAport receiver on the roof.


>From address@hidden Tue Nov  7 14:17:51 2000
>Subject: Re: 20001106: inetd configuration setup on Linux 7.0

sigusr1 restarts xinetd instead of sighup.


Unidata Support wrote:

> >From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
> >Organization: Unidata Program Center
> >Keywords: Linux inetd configuration
> Xandy,
> Well, the Linux boys have done it again!  It looks like RedHat 7.0 contains
> an entirely new way of configuring inetd.  There is no longer a file
> called /etc/inetd.conf.  It appears to have been replaced by 'xinetd'
> and the xinet.d directory.  The McIDAS ADDE installation process modifies
> /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services.  Given that /etc/inetd.conf no longer
> exists in 7.0, I need to update the ADDE installation process to account
> for the changes in 7.0.
> Could you research how one goes about adding support for a service in
> the new Linux world and give me a quick rundown?  I would be most
> appreciative!
> Tom

From: Sandy Whitesel <address@hidden>
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 17:28:58 -0700
Subject: mcidas problem


when i telnet to sunshine port 500, it does not hang and does echo the
stdout.  so, it only hangs when you connect from mcidas?

i am wondering about file permission issues also, with this service
running under mcadde, not mcidas, and no group permissions set.

i'll be in on friday.


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