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20000719: GINI to netCDF (cont.)

>From: David Harper <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200003012325.QAA04248 McIDAS-X GINI netCDF


>No, we compared to terrain (White Sands in New Mexico for example) they are off
>by that much.  We often see the image shifted by a couple of pixels, but this 
>is far more.

Navigation that is off by this much is most likely due to process that
produces the GINI images in NOAA and/or errors in the navigation of the
original image.  Since the projections are fixed, the image jumping around
is not likely to be a function of my code.  I mentioned the single pixel
offset since there is such an offset built into giniaget.c, and I became
alarmed by your message that it was incorrectly done.

>We were wondering if it were an artifact of the subsection.

If you mean an artifact of the McIDAS subsection, then it may be, but 
it should be reproducable if it is.

>I did not see imgprobe in our files.  I assume it would normally reside in the

Yes, it would be imgprobe.k.

>I do have an example.  How would it be easiest for you to see it?

However: GIF, AREA, etc.


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