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20000719: GINI to netCDF (cont.)

>From: David Harper <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200003012325.QAA04248 McIDAS-X GINI netCDF


>Dave again.  We have been getting the system verified for "deployment"
>and noticed a problem.  The image data is off .5 degrees both North and

Are you sure that all images are off by 0.5 degrees or are the images shifted
by one pixel?  The latter possibility makes more sense to me.

>Is there some way we can verify the data in our chopped down

I don't know what you mean by verify the data.  I believe that I
included IMGPROBE in your pared down installation, but I can't remember
for sure.  If I did, then you can move the cursor around an image and
get a readout of the pixel's LAT,LON location.

>I can manually modify the coordinates in the output file, but
>I don't want to do that until I know why the offset is occuring.

If each image is off by one pixel in the LINE and ELEMENT direction,
then the best thing to do is modify giniaget.c to account for it.
Before doing this, however, it would be a very good idea to verify that
a pixel displacement is really what is happening.

Do you have examples that demonstrate the offset?



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