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20000310: Compatibility of your Graphical Packages

>From: Vyron Colassis <address@hidden>
>Organization: Vyron address@hidden S.A.
>Keywords: 200003101107.EAA00914 McIDAS access


>On behalf of the Metereological Institute of Greece, a customer of ours, we 
>would like to have some information from you on your "MCIDAS" and "VIS5D 
>MCIDAS" graphical packages.
>Specifically we would like to know if Silicon Graphics Workstations running 
>IRIX v.6.5.7, C, C++, Fortran 77/90 Compilers v.7.3 and Xdesigner motif 
>v.5.5 support these two packages.

Unidata McIDAS builds with C and Fortran 77 on the platform you note.
Motif is not needed by McIDAS.  Information on operating system support
for Vis5D can be found in the Vis5D home page:


>It is important to have a written reply on the above, as our customer 
>intends to upgrade to these versions and they need to verify that no 
>problems will be encountered.
>Initially I was going to address this request to UNIVERSITY OF WINSCOSIN - 
>MADISON, Space science and Engineering Center @ fax: 001-608-2636738. I 
>would also like you to clarify me what is your relation to them and where 
>will my customer address McIDAS related questions from now on.

Unidata provides McIDAS to educational institutions mostly in WMO Region
IV.  I believe that the Metereological Institute of Greece is already
licensed by SSEC for their version of McIDAS.  Unidata McIDAS is a
superset of SSEC McIDAS: it contains modifications and additions that
we feel are beneficial to Unidata participants.

It is probably better for you to contact SSEC directly (address@hidden)
since the Met. Inst. is already one of their sites.  If you represented
university interests, we could talk further about them becoming Unidata

>Be free to contact me if you need additional information.
>Warmest Regards
>Vyron Colassis

I hope that this helped somewhat.

Tom Yoksas

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