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19991003: Making McIDAS on SGI Origin 200


I finally got McIDAS to install on a different system, namely ATM12,
an SGI Origin 200 (4 CPU) server which we use mostly for running big models.

I hope the LDM and decoders can coexist with the modelers until we
find a different platform.

There was just one glitch in the make all process.  A routine called
servutil.c needed the addition of

 #include <arpa/inet.h>

to compile sucessfully.  I deduced this because the only other
routine that had a reference to inet_ntoa (the cause of the compile
error), namely m0addec.c had such a statement in a compiler directive
control structure.  Since the decision seemed to hinge on whether or not
one was using gcc I just used the ELSE part above and the
rest of the make went without a hitch and McIDAS passed all its tests.

I now have the LDM running on ATM12 and am trying to get the McIDAS
decoders configured to actually get some data.

Hope your trip is-going/went well.

Erick Lorenz, LAWR, UCDavis

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