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19991004: McIDAS-X on DEC OSF/1 (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 199907221406.IAA22360 McIDAS DEC Alpha


>Regarding the running of McIDAS 7.6 on your Dec-Alphas have you noticed any
>odd behaviour specifically dealing with graphics issues. For example, i have
>a looper set up to load the most recent GOES8 image in a 5 hour series of
>images. On all occassions the scheduler will load new images however, the
>mcidas window becomes black or empty for that frame and i can never use that
>frame again to load an image. I have to restart mcidas every time. I do not
>get this condition on my IBM AIX box.

>Any comments?

I have not experienced this problem, but my use of a DEC is limited
(I typically run on either Solaris, Solarisx86, AIX, or Linux).  I
do have a site that recently loaded on an Alpha, and I have not
heard about any problems from him.

The problem you describe sounds like some portion of memory is getting
stepped on.  Have you ascertained whether or not it makes a difference
which frames are used for the display?


Sorry I can't be of more help.  Unfortunately, I am on travel until
Thursday, so I can't even try to duplicate your problem.


>From address@hidden  Wed Oct  6 05:26:58 1999


It does not matter what frames i use. Typically i have a LB of 1 15 which
gets updated every 15 minutes with new GOES imagery. Ultimately each frame
gets wiped out! I do not have such a problem on my AIX box. I am thinking it
may have something to do with the graphics cards on these 2 Alphas cause my
older Alphas (600 series) which different cards do not have the same


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