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19990922: gcc from sunfreeware


I have been spending some evening time trying to set up our next 
terminal for mcidasx.  Since it is a solaris-intel machine, and we
do not have sun's compilers, I have chosen the gcc/f2c route, as 
described on your web site.  Have installed f2c and related stuff
obtained from your site with no problem.

Have also obtained gcc-2.95.1-sol7-intel-local.gz from Sunfreeware
and since it is a .gz file, also got their gzip-1.2.4a-sol7-intel-local
for unpacking things, as they direct.

Both of the above were downloaded to /usr/local.  The problem is that
gzip does not want to unpack the .gz file.

My entry: ./gzip-1.2.4a-sol7-intel-local -d gcc-2.95.1-sol7-intel-local.gz

returns a page or two of scroll and at the bottom the message

 gcc-2.95.1-sol7-intel-local.gz probably  not in gzexe format; file unchanged

I have changed the permissions on both files to become executable after
them in binary format via ftp.  I have used gzip or gunzip before and not
had trouble
so am stumped.  Have also done all this as root.

Any ideas?


>From address@hidden  Wed Sep 22 10:24:00 1999


I apologize for the request regarding gcc from Sunfreeware that I 
sent last night.  On the way home I realized that I had not used
the pkgadd command to install the gzip package, and that was why
it would not unpack the gcc.gz file.

I knew I needed to use pkgadd for the install of the gcc file, but
since gzip was sent uncompressed, I thought pkgadd was not needed for
it.  Used pkgadd this am and now both gunzip and gcc (along with lots
of other stuff) are found in my /usr/local/bin and other /usr/local/



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