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19990921: Colors, McIDAS, and Linux

>From: Erick Lorenz (address@hidden) <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 199909220002.SAA11738 McIDAS X


>Thanks for the phone help yesterday.  I think I made a lot of progress.
>I haven't been able to cross mount disks between my server atm23 and
>a client do to missing NFS software on Irix and I don't know what on
>Linux but I ftp'ed some AREA files over and was able to test the CLI
>I lowered the color depth to 8 bit for the X-Win envrionment and 
>the menu started working very nicely but now the colors are a problem.
>When the cursor is outside the image window, its colors are wrong.
>and when the cursor is inside the image window the desktop and all
>the other windows take lurid colors.  I have tried editing .mcidasrc
>to lower the number of of colors needed.  The wrong colors change but
>they are still wrong.  Also I get about 12 error messages in the
>unix window at mcidas startup that say 
>WARNING: Can't allocate colormap entry for green4   etc.
>Some of these repeat 
>The system works but it is a bit jarring.

All of the above is telling you that there are not enough colors available
when McIDAS starts up.  What you need to do is insure that McIDAS starts
first so that there are enough colors available.  The most typical situation
that causes the lack of colors is Netscape (tm) already running.  Also,
if you are using the new Gnome stuff in RedHat 6.0, you are probably using
up most of the colors with it.  In this instance, you will need to investigate
how to cut down on the number of colors that it uses so that more are
available for McIDAS.


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