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19990913: UW-Whiteater: McIDAS Support

>From: Catarino David Delgado <address@hidden>
>Organization: UW-Whitewater
>Keywords: 199909131500.JAA25280 McIDAS-X installation


>My name is David Delgado.  I am working with Dr. David Travis at Univ of
>Wisc-Whitewater.  We have been trying to install McIDAS software on a
>workstation in a class room of ours. ...
>Before I continue ANY further I would like to confirm with someone that
>we're heading in the correct direction.  I've read much of the
>documentation on the McIDAS web pages.  It's all made sense but I have
>not found the answers I want.  
>Let's start with this question: The workstation is to show data being
>ingested by LDM on another station.  We already have a system gathering
>data and saving it in a viewable form.  The load on that "server" is too
>high to run and view McIDAS-X on it.  So we want another system at the
>front of the room to simply display.  -- What software must be installed
>on the workstation in the classroom to simply view the data?  My
>impressions have been simply the McIDAS-X software.

You are correct IF the version of the operating system that you have
on the machine is supported by us.  The reason I say this is that
you refer to Linux below, and previous conversations with David Travis 
lead me to believe that you will be using Linux.  Currently, I have
not been able to get a successful build of McIDAS-X on RedHat 6.0
Linux.  It is for this reason that I advised David T. that his/your
life would be easier if you loaded RedHat 5.2 Linux.

>I've quite frankly had so much trouble

Is the trouble that you have been experiencing related to out software,
or is it related to the installation of a supported version of the
operating system?

>that I want to be absolutely sure before I go
>somewhere that I can't reverse. 

Can't reverse?  One can always uninstall McIDAS-X.  What are you hesitant

>Incedentally, I do have a reasonable knowledge of LINUX.  I may miss
>some things but I am capable.  I need to be convinced that I am going in
>the right direction now.  

From the little that you have written, it sounds like you are going
in the right direction.

>Please resond as soon as possible and many thanks for your assistance in

Please don't hesitate from asking questions if there is something in
the installation/configuration process that you do not understand.  A
cleaner installation will not only help you, but it will eliminate
problems that would require our assistance down the road.

Tom Yoksas

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