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19990913: UW-Whiteater: McIDAS Support (cont.)

>From: Catarino David Delgado <address@hidden>
>Organization: UW-Whitewater
>Keywords: 199909131500.JAA25280 McIDAS-X installation


re: OS
>We're using RH Ver 5.1.  We ditched 6 as soon as you told us that. (c:

I'm glad to hear that you didn't put in time struggling with 6.0.

re: which software was the issue
>The issue is with McIDAS-X.  


re: what are you hesitant about
>Time, my good friend, time.  I know nothing should take all that long. 
>I also know uninstalling McIDAS-X is an option.  The problem lies in the
>time it takes to do these things.  What must be done must be done.  But
>if it takes too long to do, then it must be held off.  I mean nothing
>more and I hope it didn't cloud the actual issue.

I totally understand the time issue.  I was mostly curious.

re: going in the right direction
>Cool.  That way I don't spend time building software I don't need on the

>Let's start with are there particular problems with RH 5.1?

None that I am aware of.  I would caution you, however, to make sure
that you have the most up to date OS patches so you can keep a lid
on security issues.

>That is the
>only version we have on hand and at current getting 5.2 is not as easy
>as it would seem.  If you say we absolutely need 5.2 then I will go get

I don't think you need to do this.

>I would like to try one more thing before telling you about the problem
>we are having.  Until then.  again, thanks

I'll be here.


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