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19990603: mcidas-os2 and waldo at stc (cont.)

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 199906031537.JAA20463 McIDAS-OS2


re: problem machine

We logged onto this machine this afternoon and made changes to
C:\tcpip\bin\tcpstart.cmd that we thought would speed up loading images
off of the NFS mounted waldo file system.  We also FTPed a routine
that allows one to kill processes (killpid) to the newly created
C:\bin directory.  Using killpid, we killed NFSCTL.EXE and then
restarted the NFS stuff running:

detach c:\tcpip\bin\nfsstart.exe -z -b1024

The '-b1024' is the setting for the buffer size that we thought would
significantly speed up loading of images from waldo.  It didn't and
we don't (yet) know why.  We will have to play this some more tomorrow.

>I have emailed with Clint, and MCIDAS stuff is coming again, although
>he said he did not change anything.

Clint CCed us on his message to you.

>I have not tried any of the checks 
>you suggested in your reply of late this morning (home mowing lawn?)

We will give reconfiguration of your NFS stuff another shot tomorrow,
so stay tuned.

>I will do this but it may wait until tomorrow.  
>Thanks for all

Talk to you tomorrow.


>From address@hidden  Thu Jun 10 13:36:48 1999

Just a note to let you know I will be gone until Wed., the 16th.
gone fishing.

I have tried some more mcidas commands on the os2 terminal that 
you have checked on and find that execution of all kinds of commands
is very slow, due to the same slow rate of data transfer.  The delay
is not limited to image products.
I have switched some of the machines back to hobbes as we have a summer
class beginning next week.

Thanks for anything you are able to do regarding this.  I will check in
when I return.


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