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19990404: FC environment variable definition on Debian Linux (cont.)

>From: Mark Tucker <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 199903302005.NAA13519 McIDAS-X Debian Linux


This is a follow-up to my previous follow-up to email exchanges regarding
the setting of the FC environment variable that is needed by the netCDF
component of McIDAS-X 7.50.

>Yes, the mcidas account has the same passwd as the mcidas account on
>cirrus.  The machine is at ...

I logged onto your machine and began troubleshooting.  Here is what I

o CFLAGS and FFLAGS were defined incorrectly in ~mcidas/.tcshrc:

setenv CFLAGS -0
               ^__ you have a zero, not the letter O

setenv FFLAGS "-0 -Nx400 -w"
                ^__ you have a zero, not the letter O

o the version of mcfc.sh that I included in the original distribution does
  not work on your system.  The version of mcfc.sh that I updated on
  April 2 does work, however

The problem you reported was originally caused by the -0 (dash zero) instead
of having a -O (dash ooh) in your .tcshrc definitions.  If they had been
correct, then the configure step would have failed on the mcfc problem
that I fixed on April 2.

I did not correct the CFLAGS and FFLAGS entries in your ~mcidas/.tcshrc
file.  I did update mcfc.sh in ~mcidas/mcidas7.5/src.


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