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19990324: segmentation violation with GRDDISP and McIDAS-X 7.5 (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: National Scientific Balloon Facility
>Keywords: 199903230406.VAA25625 McIDAS-X 7.50 SC5.0 mcgget.for


>I just sent an LDM question in that has to do with errors I see between
>the two.  Wxmcidas is feeding psnldm.  I have seen the same freezes,

OK, so it is not limited to connections from the outside.

>but don't understand exactly what the messages are telling me

What messages?

>The problem is this, the facility is installing a new network with a
>firewall.  Psnldm is on the new network which is 100BaseTX but is
>outside the firewall.  Wxmcidas is still on the old 10Base2 network(no
>firewall).  There is still only one router.  I have had bad feelings
>about this whole thing and this confirms my fears.

I will let our system administrator read this comment to see if anything
jumps out at him.  If you have any more supporting evidence, it would
be useful for you to send it to us so Mike can look it over and possibly

>Do what ever you feel is necessary to report to Sun.


>I understand
>from your previous message that the commands should work as you
>compiled them without optimization.  Is that correct?

Yes, I left working copies on psnldm.  The only routine I had to
compile without optimization was mcgget.for.

>I will try to
>build 7.5 on wxmcidas as it has the 4.2 compilers.

wxmcidas is a Solaris x86 machine, right?  I have built 7.5 on Solaris 7
for Intel using the SC5.0 compilers, and that setup works fine.  I am
reasonably sure that the problem is in the optimization in the SC5.0
Fortran compiler for SPARC.  This scenario reminds me of the bug
that I found and reported in the SC4.2 Fortran compiler for Solaris x86.
That problem was related to optimization also.

>I guess I should
>have specified which compilers when I requested Sun WorkShop for

How would you have known?  I would always go for the latest release of the
development environment.  Presumably new releases fix bugs in older


Talk to you soon...


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