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19990316: building, testing, and installing McIDAS-X (cont.)

>From: Craig Motell <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Hawaii
>Keywords: 199903100258.TAA26142 McIDAS-X


>as per our early email conversation. I have mcidas working properly
>in the testing mode.

Very good.

>I believe I am at the stage that I want to 
>move my binaries, etc to the directory:

OK, so the McINST_ROOT environment variable should be defined to be
'/home/mcidas'.  This is best done in your .cshrc file (if you are
using the C shell) since you may want to do things a little at a time
in different login sessions.

>I believe they are now in the directory:

Yes, that is where they are built.

>When I run the unix command env I get the following

These are the environment variables set for testing.  The need to be
changed for/after installation.

>I should be at the stage where you suggested the following:
>>   run the tests that I show in the online docs
>> o if the testing goes with no problems, then install the software
>>   make install.all
>> o after installing the distribution, you will want to begin using the
>>   code from its installation directories.  To do this, you define
>>   the environment variables listed above to match your installation
>>   directories:
>>   setenv MCDATA /home/mcidas/workdata
>>   setenv MCPATH ${MCDATA}:/home/mcidas/data:/home/mcidas/help
>>   setenv MCGUI /home/mcidas/bin
>>   setenv PATH $MCGUI:$PATH
>>   This is best done in your shell definition file, .cshrc, since you will
>>   be using these definitions from now on.

Right, that is the procedure.

>When I run make install.all, from the src directory, I get the message:
>sapo% make install.all
>make: ERROR: no directory: /home/mcidas/mcidas7.4/bin
>make: ERROR: no directory: /home/mcidas/mcidas7.4/lib
>make: ERROR: no directory: /home/mcidas/mcidas7.4/man/man3
>make: If your environment is OK, try 'make rootdirs'
>*** Error code 1
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `env_dir'

This tells me that McINST_ROOT has been defined to be '/home/mcidas/mcidas7.4'.
This is something that you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to do!!!!

>however, I did run the program that created these directories. In
>fact, my directory is as follows:
>sapo% ls /home/mcidas
>Makefile          help              man               mcinstall
>admin             inc               mcidas            savedata
>arearead.idl      lib               mcidas7.4         tcl
>bin               list              mcidasx740.tar.Z  test.c
>data              mail              mcinet7.4.sh      workdata

It looks like McINST_ROOT was correctly defined when these were created.

>I know that want I want to do is place my binaries in the files with
>rather than
>****Any Suggestions:

Yes.  Define McINST_ROOT to be '/home/mcidas'.  Also, you might as well
go ahead and define MCDATA, MCPATH, MCGUI, etc. to be what you will
eventually want in your .cshrc file:

<edit /home/mcidas/.cshrc>

<add if it is not already there>

setenv McINST_ROOT /home/mcidas

if ( ! ${?MCPATH} ) then
setenv McINST_ROOT $HOME/mcidas75
setenv MCDATA $HOME/workdata
setenv MCPATH ${MCDATA}:$HOME/data:$HOME/help
setenv MCGUI  $HOME/bin
setenv XCD_disp_file /home/mcidas/upcworkdata/DECOSTAT.DAT

Logoff and then log back on so that these new settings take effect.  Verify
the settings by running 'env'.  Finally:

cd mcidas7.4/src
make install.all

If McINST_ROOT is correctly defined, you will not get the message about
missing directories and the install.all action will proceed normally.


You are welcome.


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