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[LDM #XPJ-182060]: pqact tab woes

Hi Karen,

First, I drove your latest email to me into our inquiry tracking system's
ticket that Steve created on your behalf...

> I tried the solution you mentioned, but the file is unchanged.    I
> thought the vi with ":set list" would show  the control characters that
> you were interested in.

OK.  It could well be that I was misinterpreting/not understanding the problem
contained in your original post to ldm-users.

> I managed to rsync the file (brain still getting in gear after
> holidays), so I'm including it here.

OK, the file looks OK.

> I added the ".KPIX" to the name to keep it from getting lost among my
> other files on my desktop.

Good move.

> Steve believes I should update my LDM to take care of the problem.  He
> thinks it's the logger interpreting the vertical-tab.

Steve and I chatted about your problem a few minutes ago.  From what I can
discern, Steve's comment(s) to you were in how the debug messages look.

Let's drop back to your original email so I can understand exactly what
the problem is -- it is a new year for me as well :-(

> Date:    Mon, 04 Jan 2016 10:18:11 CST
> To:      LDM Users <address@hidden>
> From:    Karen Cooper - NOAA Affiliate <address@hidden>
> Subject: [ldm-users] pqact tab woes
> I am using PIPE and apparently somehow my tabs are being converted to
> *horizontal* tabs?  I have no idea how this is happening, maybe I'm just
> going crazy but I assume that's what's happening, because when I put pqact
> into verbose mode I get this sort of output:
> Jan  4 08:04:09 kpixnws pqact[3633] INFO:    71680 20160104160404.968 EXP 000 
> /tmp/w2mirror.7749.2/tar_of_data_and_record//data/eecdata/KPIX/SpectrumWidth/00.50/20160104-160328.netcdf.gz.tar
> Jan  4 08:04:09 kpixnws pqact[3633] INFO:                pipe: -close*#011* 
> /home/ldm/w2receive_multiple_files.sh#011/data/incoming/KPIX
> Jan  4 08:04:09 kpixnws pqact[3633] INFO: Deleting closed PIPE entry: 
> pid=6793, cmd="-close /home/ldm/w2receive_multiple_files.sh 
> /data/incoming/KPIX" [filel.c:290]
> Through some searching the "#011" are apparently ascii horizontal tabs.  I
> have retyped the lines multiple times, but only get rid of the odd ascii
> character by removing the tabs and putting spaces in.  Unfortunately things
> still didn't get piped through my script due to the missing tabs.

So, the PIPE action is failing?  If yes, in the LDM log file you should see
two attempts to PIPE the product to your script ('pqact' will retry a failed
action once).

> The data is fine, in fact a FILE entry in the pqact.conf works fine (tabs
> there are okay?)

The FILE actions in the pqact.conf file that you attached look OK.

> and I am able to cat them through my script by hand and it works fine.


> Also, the lines that were in there worked just fine in the past.  AFAIK
> there have been no changes to the system except for a reboot.  I'm starting
> to wonder if something is corrupted.

The only things that raise questions in my mind are the use of a <tab>
between the name of the script the product is being PIPEd to and the
output directory:


The <tab> I am referring to is the last one.  Quite frankly, I don't know if 
this is
OK or not, but I would try changing that <tab> to a <space> in both PIPE actions
and then running:

ldmadmin pqactcheck
ldmadmin pqactHUP

The reason I am suggesting this is that the field after the last tab is input
to your script, and I am willing to bet that your 'cat them through my script 
by hand'
test did not separate the shell script name and output directory with a <tab>.

Please let me know if changing the last <tab> to a <space> has any effect.


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