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[LDM #BXF-309579]: 6.12.7 problems

Hi Jeff,

> since I installed 6.12.7 all my  data stopped flowing

There were no changes in LDM v6.12.7 from v6.12.6 that should have
had any effect on successfully receiving data from upsteam feed
sites... the great majority of changes in v6.12.7 were related to
NOAAPort data ingest, and users receiving data from one or more
upstream sites should not see any change.

> attached are my  logs everything seems normal but when I do a âldmadmin 
> watchâ
> I get the(Type ^D when finished)but nothing shows up

If your LDM installation followed our recommendations, you should be
able to revert back to the previous version of the LDM you had installed
by simply stopping the LDM; changing the runtime link; and then
restarting.  For example, if you were previously running v6.12.6, you

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
ldmadmin stop
rm runtime
ln -s ldm-6.12.6 runtime
ldmadmin start

Before doing this, however, we recommend that you run some more
diagnostics to pinpoint where the problem(s) may be:

<as 'ldm'>

notifyme -vl- -f ANY -h <upstream host you want fto feed from>


- does the 'notifyme' show that you are still ALLOWed to REQUEST

  If no, the ALLOWs on the upstream may have changed.  You will
  need to contact the LDM/IDD administrator of this machine to
  get the problem resolved.

- does the 'notifyme' show that the upstream is getting data that
  it can relay to you?

  If no, then the problem is on/at the upstream, and you will need
  to contact the LDM/IDD administrator of this site.

> any help??

What does the example 'notifyme' invocation listed above show?


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