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[LDM #DUO-485818]: HIYA and ACCEPT


I'm glad the non-listening server feature is useful to you.

To use the ACCEPT feature, the downstream LDM will need an ACCEPT entry in its 
configuration-file and the upstream site will need a program that sends 
unrequested data-products (like the ldmsend(1) program) to a specific host. 
(The rtstats(1) program also uses this feature, but can't send arbitrary 

The ldmsend(1) program has a manual-page ("man ldmsend").

Note that using the ldmsend(1) program with a corresponding ACCEPT entry to 
transmit data-products isn't as reliable as one LDM requesting data from 

> Steve,
> I was looking at the release notes for the current release and noticed two
> things, one of which might save us some additional headaches with security
> in some cases.
> First, I noticed that the new release has a provision for running a second
> LDM instance without listening for external connections.  This will
> probably prove very useful at our installation because we have some data
> that is proprietary and we shouldnât have it exposed to some of our
> external customers.  This provision will allow us to set up a private
> processing queue.  Thanks!
> The second one involves the ldmd configuration for ACCEPT which I have
> always seen in the ldmd.conf file as just a âoldâ thing we didnât use.
> However, in some circumstances it would be âbetterâ security-wise for us 
> to
> âpushâ data to some external customers, as opposed to letting them in as
> clients, and, if I understand this correctly, the ACCEPT configuration
> might allow us to do that.  Can you point me to some additional
> documentation on how to make that work?  What Iâve seen so far indicates
> that the HIYA does part of it, but itâs unclear if an LDMSEND is used or
> what that would get that data to go to the âacceptorâ given that there
> would not be an active request to process.
> Thanks, donât want to take too much of your time (I *know* youâre busy),
> Brice
> Brice Biggerstaff, CISSP
> JSC Weather Decision Support System
> Software Engineering Support Lead
> 281-853-3011 (w)
> 713-764-2601 (p)
> address@hidden (alpha text pager)
> address@hidden
> Res Confacti Erimus
> *âWe get things done.â*

Steve Emmerson

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