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[LDM #FDF-961547]: No data from the upgraded LDM server


I'm glad you found the problem and that it didn't lie with the LDM.

Good luck.

> Found the culprit!
> In the insert script (ldm_insert.sh), the pqinsert line looked like this:
> /usr/local/ldm/bin/pqinsert -v -q /data/ldm/ldm.pq -f EXP 
> $transmit_product_name.gz >> $logfile 2>&1
> But need to be like this
> /usr/local/ldm/bin/pqinsert -v -q data/ldm.pq -f EXP 
> $transmit_product_name.gz >> $logfile 2>&1
> The path to "ldm.pq" was defined as /data/ldm/ldm.pq and it needed to be 
> data/ldm.pq.
> I copied a bunch of files from the old server to the new before I swapped the 
> systems, and I had written over the insert script to which I used to test my 
> LDM service.  Then assuming that the insert scripts were the same, I didn't 
> realize until troubleshooting with you that the problem was in the script.  
> After making the changes, I'm now able to retrieve the data from the new 
> server.
> Thank you so much for your help! Now I can have a relaxing weekend!!!
> Hiro

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FDF-961547
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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