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[LDM #XXT-101239]: gempak decoders not working with LDM

Hi Chris,

re: with a renewed login we can fix things for you

> That would be great. 

Thanks for the updated credentials.  Here is what I just did:

- after logging in, I checked ~ldm/etc/registry.xml

  I was reminded that I already made the change that should
  have resulted in things running correctly

- I then did a list of ~ldm/decoders and saw that there were
  no GEMPAK decoders there; this is why the invocations were

  I copied all of the GEMPAK decoders to the ~ldm/decoders directory
  (this is the most typical way that users setup their systems, so
  your setup is now just like others in the community), and the GEMAPK
  decoder errors being written to the LDM log file (~ldm/logs/ldmd.log)
  went away.

  However, I see that there are still errors being written to the LDM
  log file; these are related to pattern-action file actions that are
  trying to run the ldm-mcidas decoder proftomd.  I copied this decoder
  to ~ldm/decoders:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
cp ldm-mcidas-2012/bin/proftomd ~ldm/decoders

  After doing the copy, the errors stopped.

- I then checked to see what sorts of jobs cron was configured to run

  I noticed that you had not implemented rotation of the GEMPAK log files,
  so I added the needed entry:

# rotate GEMPAK logs
0 0 * * * util/dcrotatelog.csh >/dev/null 2>&1

  I then copied ~gempak/NAWIPS/bin/dcrotate.csh to ~ldm/util, and edited
  the newly created copy to change the reference to sourcing the GEMPAK
  Gemenviron file to ~gempak/NAWIPS/Gemenviron

As I write this reply, I note that the GEMPAK decoders are now producing
output data files in ~ldm/data/gempak/...

There may be additional things that need tweaking...


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