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[LDM #UHZ-170203]: Issue with LDM logs on Centos 6.2

Hi Gilbert,

re: name of your machine?

> Weather4.admin.niu.edu, sorry!

Thanks.  I logged in some time ago, and started poking around.
The things I found were:

- two LDM entries in /etc/rsyslog.conf

  Since you gave me 'root' access, I went in and deleted the second one.

- the LDM log file was owned by 'root', not LDM

  I deleted ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log and created it as the user 'ldm':

  <as 'ldm'>
  touch ~/logs/ldmd.log

  I then ran 'hupsyslog' and tried to see if the log messages
  would be written to the log file:

  logger -p local0.debug 'test of LDM logging'

  This worked fine, so I (re)started the LDM.  BUT, there were
  still no log messages (sigh).

- after working on something else for awhile, I decided to review
  the environment for the user 'ldm'

  I found LIBPATH defined in a strange way, so I undefined it in
  my session.

  I then rebuilt the LDM:

  cd ~ldm/ldm-6.10.1/src
  make distclean
  make install

After rebuilding the LDM (and while our system admin Mike was here chatting
about what could be going on), I restarted the LDM using:

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin restart

This time, the LDM is logging just fine:

/home/ldm% ls -alt ~ldm/logs/
total 28
-rw-rw-r--   1 ldm  users  1535 May 18 15:26 ldmd.log

After this success, I showed Mike your ~ldm/.cshrc file highlighting
the LIBPATH setting.  Mike advised me that it was a BAD idea to
put a user-modifiable library path before the system library path,
so we commented out the setting of LIBPATH.  I don't claim to
imply that this was your problem, but ...

So, LDM logging is working correctly on weather4 now.


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