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[LDM #RIN-672143]: "Broadcast" entry for ldmd.conf?


> Steve, So I make sure I understand, the downstream ldm needs an ACCEPT 
> and the "upstream" would need some process running the ldmsend or pqsend, not 
> the ldmd itself.  ThanksErnie-----"Unidata LDM Support" 
> <address@hidden> wrote: -----To: Ernest CTR 
> Sessa/ACT/CNTR/address@hidden: "Unidata LDM Support" 
> <address@hidden>Date: 03/01/2012 11:56AMcc: address@hidden: [LDM 
> #RIN-672143]: "Broadcast" entry for ldmd.conf?Ernest,> We have a situation 
> where it would be helpful to be able to push data from a> ldm server 
> inside a domain to a ldm server outside. I know there is an ACCEPT> entry 
> for the reciever, is there a corresponding entry for the transmitter> that 
> would support this connection?An ACCEPT entry in the downstream LDM's 
> configuration file will suffice.You should know that the LDM server doesn't 
> use this "out-of-the-blue" transmission mechanism: only the pqsend(1), 
> ldmsend(1), and rtstats(1)
  programs use it. The reason is robustness: in order to ensure reliability, 
one would have to wrap these programs with sufficient error-checking and 
contingency-handling code as to, basically, recreate the LDM server.> We are 
currently running v6.8.1.> > Thank You<> Ernest Sessa> 
address@hidden> 609 485 6396Regards,Steve EmmersonTicket 
Details===================Ticket ID: RIN-672143Department: Support LDMPriority: 
NormalStatus: Closed

That's correct: you would not need to run an LDM server on the upstream host to 
do what you want.

What you want, however, will not be as reliable as running an LDM server on the 
upstream host and requesting the data from it by the downstream LDM.

Steve Emmerson

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: RIN-672143
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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