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[LDM #DXJ-975558]: help with new LDM install?


> You can do whatever you want :) This is really helping me.
> If they need to be rebooted
> sudo shutdown -r now

I got LDM logging to work on Measws. The log file (/Users/ldm/logs/ldmd.log) is 
full of error reports of GEMPAK decoders that couldn't be executed (e.g., 
"decoders/dcgrib2"). This is why you're missing data on that system.

I traced the problem to the LDM user's home-directory not being specified in 
the PATH environment variable (in order for the operating-system to locate 
"decoders/dcgrib2", the parent directory of "decoders" (e.g., $HOME) must be in 
PATH). I added $HOME to PATH in ~/.tcshrc, logged-off, logged back-in, and 
restarted the LDM. For some reason, however, pqact(1) is still unable to locate 
"decoders/dcgrib2" (along with some other decoders) even though the command 
"ldmadmin config" indicates that the home directory of the LDM user 
(/Users/ldm) is in the PATH environment variable.

At this point I looked at the file "/etc/passwd" to verify that the LDM user's 
shell is "tcsh". There's no entry for that user in that file, however. This is 
probably a Mac OS/X thing and I don't know what to do about it.

I've turned-off the LDM on Measwx until the problem of locating the decoders 
can be fixed because the log file fills-up very quickly.

Steve Emmerson

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