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[LDM #TKB-237627]: Installing ldm6.6.5 on new machine


> You can be ldm
> You can see the system name from the configure.log file
> Wierd that running configure ...
> with the ellipsis (sic?) as the options would work?!
> If you need it, root follows ldm in the next message.

I built and installed the LDM.

It receives data, but doesn't do any logging because the
"selinux" variable in the file /etc/selinux/config was
set to "enabled", which prevents the LDM from logging.
I've set that variable to "disabled", but you'll have to
reboot the operating-system in order for it to take effect.

Some other things you'll have to do:

    0. Edit the "ldmadmin" configuration-file, etc/ldmadmin-pl.conf
       to set the size of the LDM product-queue and number
       of slots.

    1. Edit the LDM configuration-file, etc/ldmd.conf, to
       request the data that you want.

    2. Edit the "pqact" configuration file, etc/pqact.conf,
       to process the data.

    3. Edit the "scour" configuration file, etc/scour.conf,
       to remove excess data files.

    4. Vet the LDM user's crontab entries (crontab -l).

All this stuff is covered under the "LDM Reference" link
(and, probably, some stuff I'm forgetting :-).
Contact me, however, if you have any questions.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: TKB-237627
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