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[LDM #TKB-237627]: Installing ldm6.6.5 on new machine

Hi Jennie,

> I am trying to install the new ldm on a new linux box running RedHat
> Enterprise Linux.  I haven't done this in a while, and am not a great system
> administrator, so I get confused by simple little things.  I am following
> the workshop instructions on line,

Don't follow the workshop instructions.  They were designed for a
specific platform and a specific situation (i.e., the workshop).
Follow the instructions in the "LDM Reference" link, instead.

> and it states under item 5 in the Build
> and Install instructions that I should run the configure script, redirecting
> the standard output and standard error to configure.log.
> I followed the instruction literally, perhaps too much so, that is I typed:
> ./configure ... >configure.log 2>&1

What user-shell are you using?  csh?  bash?  If you don't know, then try
executing the command "echo $SHELL".

The ellipses are for options that you might use.  To obtain the default
(recommended) don't put anything there.

> I am thinking that ... is actually supposed to be something else?  I have
> looked at the configure.log and the config.log files (attached), and they
> show things like
> host_alias='...' and
> target_alias='...'
> But, I don't know what this should be (sorry, it probably should make sense
> to me what ... is supposed to be, however, I don't really understand this).

The file "config.log" will contain error-messages from the configure
script as it examines your computer by running tests -- so don't
worry about that file unless the file "configure.log" indicates that
you have a problem.

> Rather than make a mess and then have to clean it up, I thought I might have
> you look over the config info and give me a heads-up.

Your "configure.log" file actually looks OK.

Assuming that you're using a standard shell (e.g., bash) I
suggest the following sequence of commands to build and
install the LDM:

    make >make.log 2>&1 &&
    make install >install.log &&
    sudo make install_setuids &&
    make clean

The "sudo" command might not work for you and you might
have to do something else.

If you can give me access to your computer as the LDM user,
I'll be happy to set you up.

Steve Emmerson

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