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[LDM #WCO-560313]: LDM 6.5.1 oddity


> Why do I only see this on 1 host?  I tried 6.6.0 last night and got the
> same behaviour.  Perhaps something else is messed up with the machine?

If the computers are all running LDM 6.6.0, then I don't know why you
wouldn't see a single "Exiting" message for each "ldmping" connection.

> I want it to behave like all of the other machines I have running 6.5.1
> and have nothing in the logs.

We've discussed here whether or not an "ldmping" to a host should
result in a log message on the host and, if so, at what log-level.
The consensus is that it should and at the NOTE level.  The reason
for this is to alert the LDM administrator that another LDM
connected; otherwise, one could mount a denial-of-service attack
without the LDM administrator's knowledge.  Another reason is to
alert the LDM administrator in case of a mistake, such as having
a script repeatedly call "ldmping" in a tight loop.  Without a
log message, neither of these problems would be visible.

I believe I can easily modify the LDM so that it prints a
different message if the connecting LDM doesn't do anything
other than what "ldmping" does.  This would also give you a
visual clue that the message may be safely ignored (similar
to the primary/alternate transfer-mode messages that are also
printed at the NOTE level).

I hope this is acceptable.

Steve Emmerson

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