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[LDM #LHS-201108]: Problems with LDM installation


> We determined what the issue was with our installation.
> We discovered that the configure script is not checking for "long long"
> and therefore not adding -qlonglong as a necessary CFLAG for the rpc
> makefile on AIX 5.3.

Interesting.  The LDM package doesn't use the "long long" type,
so there's no reason to check for it.  I suspect that the
problem lies with the compilation environment (e.g., some 
genera-purpose header files require "long long" support but
the compiler doesn't have that turned on by default.

What does the c89(1) manual page say about the "-qlonglong"
option (I don't have access to that page from here).

> It was necessary for /usr/include/sys/ras.h

What's the <sys/ras.h> header-file for?  Who's including

> In $LDMHOME/src/rpc/makefile we modified the line:
> CFLAGS          = -qmaxmem=4096 -O -q64
> to:
> CFLAGS          = -qmaxmem=4096 -O -q64 -qlonglong
> And compilation was successful.
> Also, do you remember the email I sent last month about the number of
> arguments allowed by pqact? It was ticket [LDM #GPE-962059], you
> determined that pqact limits the number of arguments to 14 and were
> going to up it in a future release. Our decoder group has asked when a
> new version of LDM is expected that will allow for more variables, do
> you have an estimate?

The number of arguments in a pqact(1) EXEC and PIPE entry
has been dramatically increased.  I'll go to the relevant
ticket and send you the details.

> Thanks,
> Justin

Steve Emmerson

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: LHS-201108
Department: Support LDM
Priority: Normal
Status: On Hold

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