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Re: Question about computer at UW-SSEC

grep localhost /etc/hosts shows:               localhost.localdomain localhost
instead of loopback.
The line in /etc/nsswitch.conf is "hosts: files dns".
So, the first one needs to be exactly like you said for things to work??

Mike Schmidt wrote:


Steve Emmerson fowarded me your support inquiry below.  Normally,
localhost is defined in /etc/hosts as the following;

% grep localhost /etc/hosts       localhost loopback

if that definition is missing, it can cause all sorts of unusual
problems.  If you find it is missing, add the above line back.
If localhost *is* listed in /etc/hosts, make the following check;

% grep hosts /etc/nsswitch.conf
hosts:      files dns

to confirm that name resolution on your system does use /etc/hosts.
Let us know if that resolves the issue.

Going forward, please direct support questions to;


which will assist us in answering you more quickly in the event
specific support staff are out of the office.



From:    Kevin Baggett <address@hidden>
Subject: Question about computer at UW-SSEC

I think (thanks to logging being turned on) I figured out why my LDM is
taking so long to go on and off.
The SELINUX keyword being disabled allows logging to work, but doesn't
solve the slow startup/stop.
So, after turning the LDM off, the following message shows in the log:
Oct 25 21:21:54 stimpy ldmping[13141] ERROR: NAMED 12.000833
0 localhost can't contact portmapper: RPC: Timed out
I've done a little poking around in the Log Interpretation page, but
didn't see anything like this.
In some of the archives, I see messages where "localhost" is a specific
computer name. Where is this "localhost" being set - is it a
configuration file variable?
Kevin Baggett

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