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[LDM #AET-991057]: LDM 6.4.4: upstream connection closed for unknown reason


> The same errors occur even with the hub out of the loop.  I also installed 
> the same beta version of LDM on a Linux box as is on psnldm..and switched the 
> feed to that box.  I get the same exact error, and have the same missing 
> chunks of data.  I have our machine in New Mexico getting data from 
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu as a test.  Even though latencies in the CONDUIT feed 
> are about 5 minutes greater than in Palestine (30 min. vs. 35 minutes) that 
> machine gets each forecast hour and all parameters with no errors.  The 
> difference is that in New Mexico it is connected to a single T1 on the NASA 
> network.  Here we were forced to move to a Sprint commercial line (dual 
> T-1's).  I am beginning to wonder if the Sprint commercial networm is the 
> problem.  If it is, then this is hopeless as we were kicked off the NASA line 
> due to our bandwidth usage.
> May have to go to some fort of ftp.

Is the LDM on host Psnldm getting the same CONDUIT data-products from a single, 
upstream LDM or from multiple, upstream LDM-s?

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: AET-991057
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