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20030611: ldm-mcidas fix (cont. from McIDAS discussion)

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200208151624.g7FGOlK17761 McIDAS-X ADDE 

Hi Robert,

re: ldm-mcidas source distribution/build to fix routing table update problem

>Go ahead and build it as I do use the McIDAS routing table  The machine
>will remain as is until I get everything working. I still have to do
>the web stuff and scripts and all that stuff.

OK, I built ldm-mcidas v2002b+ on your machine a few minutes ago.  This
version contains the fix for updating the McIDAS routing table,
ROUTE.SYS, day and time of decoded images.  This fix will be rolled
into the next ldm-mcidas release, v2003, and binaries will be made
available for the most popular user platforms.

While at it (you _will_ learn to not give me access ;-), I did the following:

- copied the ldm-mcidas decoders most commonly used from the
  ldm-mcidas-2002b/bin directory to ~ldm/decoders

- removed the ldm-mcidas-2002b/bin directory from 'ldm's PATH

- copied batch.k, uwgrid.sh from ldm-mcidas-2002b/bin to ~ldm/decoders
  and edited them to set PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH

- copied ~mcidas/workdata/mcscour.sh to ~ldm/decoders and edited it
  to set PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and to add scouring of MD files
  for ETA and GFS MOS that will be created by the v2003 XCD decoders.
  I did this to save you the hassle of doing it yourself after the
  Unidata McIDAS v2003 release is made available.

- added running of scouring to the cron file for 'ldm':

  'bin/ldmadmin scour'
  'bin/newlog logs/SERVER.LOG'
  'bin/newlog logs/ldm-mcidas.log'
  'bin/ldmadmin newlog'

   The SERVER.LOG entry is for tracking remote ADDE access to your
   machine.  It will get populated with data if/when you uncomment
   out the ADDE_LOGGING environment variable setting in 

You have this system setup to decode McIDAS-XCD data in
/var/data/mcidas, but you have GEMPAK decoders setup to decode in
/data/ldm/gempak.  Not that there is anything bad about this, but we
tend to setup systems so that McIDAS data gets decoded into
~ldm/data/mcidas and GEMPAK data gets decoded into ~ldm/data/gempak
(which you have now).  Any reason for keeping the old /var/data/mcidas


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