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20030730: ldm-mcidas decoders for NOAAPORT GINI images

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aeronomy Laboratory/NOAA
>Keywords: 200307301619.h6UGJWLd013737 IDD NIMAGE ldm-mcidas pngg2gini


>After someone (?) added the new decoders for GINI data in rainbow 
>(RedHat Linux 8) and blizzard (Sparc Solaris 8),

That was me.  I was caught off guard by the NWS announcement yesterday
that the GOES-WEST GINI images in NOAAPORT were being compressed
starting today (and the GOES-East will be compressed starting
tomorrow).  I had been working under the assumption that this change
was going to occur in late August/early September.  I learned of the
change yesterday at about 2 pm.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cutting a new ldm-mcidas distribution
that has a new utility, zlibg2gini, that will uncompress the Zlib
compressed NOAAPORT images.  I then installed this release,
ldm-mcidas-2003, on all of the machines receiving the IDD NIMAGE
datastream that I have access to with the intention of informing folks
about the change this afternoon.  rainbow and blizzard are two of these
machines.  I apologize if doing the installation was unwelcome.

>the decoders in the 
>Linux system are running fine.  But they died in the Solaris system with 
>write error:

This is very strange.  The same binaries are running on motherlode.ucar.edu,
also a Solaris Sparc 5.8 system, with no errors.  I am investigating the
problem on blizzard now.

>Jul 30 16:11:05 blizzard pqact[21432]: pipe_dbufput: 
> 1600 
>write error
>Jul 30 16:11:05 blizzard pqact[21432]: pipe_prodput: trying again
>Jul 30 16:11:05 blizzard pqact[21432]: pbuf_flush (6) write: Broken pipe
>Jul 30 16:11:05 blizzard pqact[21432]: pipe_dbufput: 
> 1600 
>write error
>Jul 30 16:11:06 blizzard pqact[21432]: pbuf_flush (6) write: Broken pipe


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