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20030530: ldm-mcidas decoding of Unidata-Wisconsin images on Tru64 at USU (cont.)

>From: "Dan A. Dansereau" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  USU
>Keywords: 200305201449.h4KEnaLd000625 McIDAS-X 2002 ldm-mcidas Tru64

Hi Dan,

> Hi - sorry to bother you, as I know you are very busy -

It has been crazy here this week.  I'm sorry that I havn't had
time to figure out what is going wrong with the image compositing
on climatemine.

>I need to get the tru64/mcidas/ldm up, or get rid of the system
>and replace it with another box ( the best supported/least headaches
>... you know what I mean! ) so people in higher places will get
>off of my case.

In my last email I asked about what other than image compositing was
wrong (see below).  If there are more things wrong, then knowing
the full scope of the problems will help me figure out what is
amiss on climatemine.  If the compositing failures (blank images)
is the only thing that is bad, then it is probably that one of
the routines used in the compositing has some sort of a bug that
is being triggered on Tru64.

>Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself - what is 
>it/your status? any luck?

My status is I will be tied up until about 1 pm today.  At that time
I will dive into the compositing issue on Tru64 _if that is the
only problem_.

>When can I dive in and really mess things up??

If the only problem is the compositing, then I don't think that
anything you will do (outside of repeated reboots of the machine)
will intefere with my investigations.

Again, can you give me a list of all of the things that are wrong
so that I can better investigate problems?  Thanks.


>>===== Original Message From Unidata Support <address@hidden> =====
>>>From: "Dan A. Dansereau" <address@hidden>
>>>Organization:  USU
>>>Keywords: 200305201449.h4KEnaLd000625 McIDAS-X 2002 ldm-mcidas Tru64
>>Hi Dan,
>>>  Just checking in - how did you do in the TRU64 stuff?
>>I havn't had a chance to get back to investigating the compositing
>>failures yet.  Maybe later today.
>>>Most things still don't seem to work ( composits ... ),
>>"Most" things don't work?  I thought we were down to the
>>compositing.  Please let me know what else is failing as
>>it may help isolate the root cause of the failures.
>>>but I did not want to bump heads with you, or mess
>>>you up when I try to fix things - anyway I won't do
>>>any mods to the system until you are done, or quit.
>>Again, I hope to be able to get to this later today.
>>>Thanks For Your help
>>No worries.
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