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20030526: ldm-mcidas decoding of Unidata-Wisconsin images on Tru64 at USU (cont.)

>From: "Dan A. Dansereau" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  USU
>Keywords: 200305201449.h4KEnaLd000625 McIDAS-X 2002 ldm-mcidas Tru64

Hi Dan,

>  Just checking in - how did you do in the TRU64 stuff?

I havn't had a chance to get back to investigating the compositing
failures yet.  Maybe later today.

>Most things still don't seem to work ( composits ... ),

"Most" things don't work?  I thought we were down to the
compositing.  Please let me know what else is failing as
it may help isolate the root cause of the failures.

>but I did not want to bump heads with you, or mess
>you up when I try to fix things - anyway I won't do
>any mods to the system until you are done, or quit.

Again, I hope to be able to get to this later today.

>Thanks For Your help

No worries.


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