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20000920: LWTOA3 image data missing from Unidata-Wisconsin datastream

>From: Thomas Don Aratari <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Michigan


>I have not seen any MCIDAS LWTOA3 data since the 15'th..
>Anyone else seeing this problem from unidata.ssec.wisc.edu ?

I realize that Jim Koermer of Plymouth State has already responded to
your query, but I felt that it was important to personally touch base
with you on this subject.

I sent out three email notifications since the end of June to the
combination of the ldm-users, gembud, and mcidas-x email lists alerting
folks to the change in the compression scheme used for
Unidata-Wisconsin imagery.  I also monitored downloads of the
ldm-mcidas package by site, and I sent out personal emails to site
contacts that were noted to have not updated their decoders.  Since I
saw downloads from the University of Michigan, and since I verified
that U of M contacts were on at least one of the email lists shown
above (you are listed as a member of the ldm-users email list with the
address: address@hidden (Thomas Aratari)), I did not think it
necessary to personally contact anyone at U of M (I was forced to
contact some 42 sites in this manner!).  It now appears that my view of
who had performed the upgrad let your site fall through the cracks.
For this I apologize.

This evening, I noticed that someone from U of M downloaded the Solaris
SPARC 2.6 binary distribution of ldm-mcidas-7.6.4:

Wed Sep 20 23:22:28 2000 1 adsl-161.ns.itd.umich.edu 65536 
/export/dist/ftp/pub/binary/sunos_5.6-sparc/ldm-mcidas-7.6.4.tar.Z b _ o a 
mozilla@ ftp 1 stosys i

Hopefully, this is you or someone in your department, and you are now
in the process of converting to use of the pnga2area decoder.  If there
is anything I can do to speed you through this upgrade, please let me

>Thomas Aratari                 address@hidden
>UofM ITD Contract Services     Unix System Administration
>Pager: 670-3861                        E-Page: address@hidden
>AOSS Building - LDM/Sys Admin          (734) 764-4584
>Medical Science Building II - Sys Admin        (734) 763-5558

Tom Yoksas

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