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20000920: McIDAS images via LDM; ldm-mcidas pnga2area decoder (cont.)

>From: Dave Dempsey <address@hidden>
>Organization: SFSU
>Subject: 20000918: McIDAS images via LDM; ldm-mcidas pnga2area decoder (con


re: some other process dumping core at about the time pnga2area was running

Phew!  Amazing how coincidences happen.  I am glad that the binary is
not dumping core on your machine.  I was suspicious about this since
the core file would have been much larger than 400 KB.

re: changes to how much data to save given the image sizes are bigger as AREAs

re: possibility that WXP may support the PNG compressed transmission format

I wouldn't expect Dan to add support for reading the PNG compressed
files directly, but, then again, you never know.  He certainly has not
contacted me for any information (but he did do the LDM upgrade for his
old department at Purdue).

Dan did put the ability to read McIDAS AREA files in the early versions
of WXP that I was familiar with.  I don't know, however, if his
implementation was complete (i.e., if he supported the full, documented
AREA file format).  From comments I have gotten through the years, I
have to believe that his implementation was not complete.

re: reason for switching to PNG compression was so we could ship more images

>As I was well aware! We've been buying lots more disk space in
>response, so it won't be nearly as much of a problem after I get around
>to installing it.

Excellent!  Glad to hear that you are poised to increase your data storate!!

re: WXP's mc2area program was removing the packet information included in
the MCIDAS image files for use by the LDM.

OK, so it was depacketizing, but leaving the delta-compressed form.
This is what I vaguely recall.

>Crisis resolved--thanks for the very helpful feedback!

Glad to hear that you are up and running!  Talk to you later...


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