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20000913: Unidata-Wisconsin (MCIDAS) images broadcast cessati on 20000915

>From: "Bentley, Mace" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Department of Geography/NIU
>Keywords: 200009131448.e8DEmXb14761 ldm-mcidas site contact


>Yes you are correct on both accounts....let me explain - we are
>currently only using the IDD feed to provide us with the black and white
>"fax" maps to hang on our weather wall. We are using internet sources
>for our other data needs and also the java based metapps prototypes.

Given your current use of data, you would save network bandwidth by turning
off you IDD requests for data from your upstream source(s).  This, of
course, is up to you.  Stopping the requests for data that you do not
use will in no way hinder you from getting those data in the future.

>And yes, I will be the Unidata source for the department.


>Hope this clears things up!  : )

Yup.  Thanks again.


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