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20000913: Unidata-Wisconsin (MCIDAS) images broadcast cessati on 20000915

>From: "Bentley, Mace" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200009131448.e8DEmXb14761 ldm-mcidas site contact


>Yes, I'm at NIU now.

OK.  I figured that, given the size of the Atmospheric Science community
in the US, there were probably not many Mace Bentleys floating around the

>I really don't think WKU has a unidata-LDM contact.
>But you could send an e-mail to address@hidden, he might be
>the site contact.

Thanks for the information.  I just sent Mike the heads-up about the
datastream change.

Now, back to the Geography department at NIU.  I have been led to
believe that you are not using the datastreams available in the Unidata
IDD, but a notifyme to taiga.geog.niu.edu shows that they are at least
being received there.  Can you update me on the situation in your
department?  Also, can you verify that you are, in fact, the correct
contact for Unidata-related matters in your department.  Thanks!

>Take care,

Talk to you later...


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