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20000912: ldm-mcidas png2area decoder (cont.)

>From: Michael Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: Geography Dept, University of Denver
>Keywords: 200009121648.e8CGmYb24740 ldm-mcidas PNG compressed images pnga2area


The answer is all the way at the bottom of this email, but there are some
things to pay attention to along the way.

re: deleting and recreating ROUTE.SYS
>Yes, as long as we keep the same 'custom' routing info, thanks!

I did the following:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd data

edit LROUTE.BAT and:
  o modify entries for GOES-West products to match your existing routing
    table setup
  o add CIMSS stuff to the end of the file

cd /data3/mcidas

cd ~/workdata
batch.k LROUTE.BAT

cd /data3/mcidas
chmod 664 ROUTE.SYS

Now, at least, you have a skeleton routing BATCH file that you can edit
to change your setup easily.

>FYI - I inquired upstream at UCLA and James Murakami said he is receiving all 
>PNG imagery and confident that it is being sent my way.

I was using notifyme to watch products come to your machine, and figured
that they were making it OK.  What I later found out, however, is that
the Q1 products are evidently not being fully intested.  Here is some
interesting stuff from the LDM log file, ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log:

Sep 12 21:15:14 vortex localhost(noti)[11563]: pnga2area Q0 CA 1100 GOES-10_SND 
UNKBAND 14km 20000912 2000: RPC: Unable to receive
Sep 12 21:15:14 vortex localhost(noti)[11563]: pq_sequence failed: I/O error 
(errno = 5)


Sep 12 23:20:38 vortex localhost(noti)[18649]: pnga2area Q1 U9 123 GOES-10_IMG 0
.65um 4km 20000912 2300: RPC: Unable to receive
Sep 12 23:20:38 vortex localhost(noti)[18649]: pq_sequence failed: I/O error 
(errno = 5)

You can see from these two snippits tht there is at least an occasional
problem in receiving products.  This was not _the_ problem, however. Keep

The other strange thing is that I would see Q1 (regular UW stream images
come in using notifyme and not see any action kicked off by pqact.  This
one I really didn't understand at all.  In an attempt to figure out what
was going on, I even edited pqact.conf and split the actions for
CIMSS imagery and the "regular" GOES imagery.  This had no beneficial
effect (strike two).

Along the way, I found a couple of "bad" things in pqact.conf that may
be causing some problems:

HDS     ^H.[EF][A-Z][0-9][0-9] KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])..
#HDS    ^Y.A... KWBH
        PIPE    /usr/local/gempak/bin/sol/dcgrib -v
        -g /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/tables
        PACK /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/data/grids/YYMMDDHH_mrf.gem

NLDN    ^.*
#       PIPE    /usr/local/gempak/bin/sol/dcnldn -m 5000 -s minute05^M
        PIPE    /usr/local/gempak/bin/sol/dcnldn -m 25000 -s minute05
        -d /usr/local/ldm/logs/dcnldn.log
        -p /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/tables/pack/nldn.pack

There can be no comment lines in the middle of a pqact.conf action sequence.
I changed these to be:

#HDS    ^Y.A... KWBH
HDS     ^H.[EF][A-Z][0-9][0-9] KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])..
        PIPE    /usr/local/gempak/bin/sol/dcgrib -v
        -g /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/tables
        PACK /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/data/grids/YYMMDDHH_mrf.gem

#       PIPE    /usr/local/gempak/bin/sol/dcnldn -m 5000 -s minute05^M
NLDN    ^.*
        PIPE    /usr/local/gempak/bin/sol/dcnldn -m 25000 -s minute05
        -d /usr/local/ldm/logs/dcnldn.log
        -p /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/tables/pack/nldn.pack

and sent a HUP to pqact.  I am now waiting to see if this had any effect.

Finally, I found it.  The action line for pnga2area images was:

MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (..) (....) (.*) (.*) (.*) (........) (....)

It should be

MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (..) (.*) (.*) (.*) (.*) (........) (....)

The (....) specifies matching of images whose default AREA file numbers
are 4 digits long.  The "regular" GOES images have default AREA numbers
that are two and three digits long.

Now, the question is where you got this action for pqact.conf?  I did
have a mistake in this pattern at one time, but I corrected it.  I also
just verified that my online examples of patterns did not specify the
length of the default AREA number in the header (i.e., they have (.*)
instead of (....). I am guessing that you used one of the old action
examples for your pqact.conf, and never upgraded it since it was
working for the CIMSS images.

I verified that you are now processing the "regular" UW images correctly:

Sep 13 00:20:15 pnga2area[23661]: Starting Up
Sep 13 00:20:15 pnga2area[23661]: output file pathname: /data3/mcidas/AREA5200
Sep 13 00:20:16 pnga2area[23661]: unPNG::  1640910   2439056  1.4864
Sep 13 00:20:16 pnga2area[23661]: Exiting

route.k LIST U9
S Pd         Description         Range       Last      Received  Post Process C
- -- ------------------------- --------- ------------ ---------- ------------ -
  U9 GOES-West US Visible      5200-5225 AREA5200     00257   20 GW-VIS.BAT   3
route.k: Done


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