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20000912: ldm-mcidas png2area decoder (cont.)

>From: Michael Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: Geography Dept, University of Denver
>Keywords: 200009121648.e8CGmYb24740 ldm-mcidas PNG compressed images pnga2area


>Yes, that route list I sent you was truncated, below find the complete

I took the liberty of logging in on vortex.  I changed the pqact.conf
entry for pnga2area to log verbosely to mcidas.log.  I have been watching
this log file and I only see the CIMSS products getting processed at
all!  I see no invocations for pnga2area for the other images although
I have seen two of them hit your machine.  I am, to say the least,
mystified right now since I don't even see an error in the LDM log
file, ldmd.log.

>I have been using Mcidas for imagery viewing and soundings so I
>wasn't really paying attention to all the things I'm missing. So, I'm
>still at an impasse. I guess the fact that I'm missing some of the
>imagery might indicate some systematic problem that is now causing me to
>miss some of the PNG imagery...?

I am sure that there is some sort of a systematic problem, but I just don't
know what it is right now!

My suspicions are returning to ROUTE.SYS.  I want to delete and recreate
this to test out whether it is the cause of your problems.  Do I have
your permission to do this?


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