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20000909: ldm-mcidas-7.6.4 for RedHat 5.2 Linux

>From: Robert Ballentine <address@hidden>
>Organization: SUNY Oswego
>Keywords: 200009100106.e8A167b03941 ldm-mcidas RedHat 5.2 Linux


>   I'm trying to update my ldm-mcidas decoders to 7.6.4 on a Pentium III 
>running Red Hat Linux 5.2 and ldm-5.0.8.  I cannot use the ldm-mcidas 
>binaries available from Unidata since they are for Red Hat 6.2.

I no longer have a 5.2 machine on which I can create ldm-mcidas
binaries.  If I did, I would cut you a distribution so you wouldn't
have to mess with building from source.

>I need to build ldm-mcidas-7.6.4 from source on my Red Hat 5.2 machine.
>I am hoping not to lose out satellite data next Friday.

I am sure that we can get you up and running by the end of the day on

>   Apparently, I need to get 
>mcidas installed in order to link to the libraries and include files.


>I can't remember the password to get access to the mcidas software. Would
>you please refresh my memory so that I can download either the mcidas-x 
>binaries for Red hat Linux 5.2 or the source code for mcidas-x so that I
>can build mcidas-x under linux5.2.

There are no McIDAS-X binaries, so you will (unfortunately) need to
download the source and build the distribution at least until the point
that the McIDAS-X and netCDF library are available (McIDAS-X starting
with release 7.5 comes with netCDF).  Here is the information you need
to access the distribution:

machine: ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
user: umcidas
pass: XXXXXX
directory: unix/760
files: mcinstall, mcidasx760.tar.Z

The comrpessed tar file is > 40 MB, so the FTP may take a little while.
If you build the distribution to completion, you will need ~250 MB
of disk.

Since you have been out of the loop in building McIDAS for awhile, here
is what to do:

o create a 'mcidas' account with sufficient disk space available
  and then login as 'mcidas'
  cd ~mcidas

o ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  cd unix/760
  get mcinstall
  get mcidasx760.tar.Z

o define the environment variable McINST_ROOT to be the HOME directory
  for 'mcidas'.  If you are using the C shell, this would be:

  setenv McINST_ROOT /home/mcidas

  if /home/mcidas is the home directory for 'mcidas'.  I will use this
  throughout the rest of this email, and you can replace the actual
  home directory in the instructions as needed.

o define environment variables needed to build the netCDF component of
  the McIDAS-X distribution:

  setenv CC gcc
  setenv CFLAGS -O
  setenv FC mcfc
  setenv FFLAGS -O
  setenv LD_X11     '-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11'
  setenv CPP_MCIDAS '-I/home/mcidas/mcidas7.6/src'
  setenv LD_MCIDAS  '-L/home/mcidas/lib -lmcidas'
  setenv CPP_NETCDF '-I/home/mcidas/mcidas7.6/netcdf/libsrc'
  setenv LD_NETCDF  '-L/home/mcidas/mcidas7.6/netcdf/libsrc -lnetcdf'

o set environment variables pointing to the LDM include files and library:

  setenv CPP_LDM    '-I/usr/local/ldm/include'
  setenv LD_LDM     '-L/usr/local/ldm/lib -lldm'

o make mcinstall executable:

  chmod +x mcinstall

o unpack the distribution:


o build the distribution:

  cd mcidas7.6/src
  make mcx

o at this point McIDAS-X and the netCDF will be built.  You can either
  build the entire distribution, or wait until McIDAS executables start
  are to be compiled/linked.  The indication of this is the compilation
  of main.c.

o after the McIDAS-X and netCDF libraries are available, you can build
  the ldm-mcidas decoders:

  <login as 'ldm'>
  cd ~ldm
  ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
    <user> anonymous
    <pass> your email address
    cd pub/ldm-mcidas
    get ldm-mcidas-7.6.4.tar.Z

o unpack the ldm-mcidas distribution:

  zcat ldm-mcidas-7.6.4.tar.Z | tar xvf -

o run configure and then build the ldm-mcidas decoders:

  cd ldm-mcidas7.6.4/src

  make test
  make install
>By any chance, would it be possible to get binaries for ldm-mcidas-7.6.4
>for Red Hat Linux 5.2?

If I had a RedHat 5.2 Linux box to build on, I would make the binaries
available.  I am sorry that I no longer have such a box available.

>I think this would save me and perhaps others a lot of work. 

It seems that all sites that I know are running Linux have upgraded to
a 6.x release.

Perhaps you would allow me to cut a binary distribution on your
machine?  This would help others out that may be in the same situation
as you.  In fact, I would be willing to do the McIDAS-X build to the
point of having a useful set of libraries and then do the ldm-mcidas
build, so that I could cut a 5.2 binary distribution.  If you want me
to do this, I would need a login as both 'mcidas' and 'ldm'.  Please
let me know.

>   Thanks,

Sorry I don't have a ready binary available.

Tom Yoksas

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