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20000908: ldm-mcidas decoder upgrade on halo.sci.ccny.cuny.edu

>From: Edward Hindman <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200009082004.e88K4IN03475 ldm-mcidas upgrade


>I have been following your messages on the necessary upgrade of our LDM and
>McIDAS to be able to continue receiving images over the Wisconsin channel 
>and the 15 September upgrade deadline.

I was getting worried that nobody at CCNY was aware of the upcoming change.
I'm glad to hear otherwise.

>So, I was looking at our McIDAS 
>images every so often over the summer and found we could not receive 
>loops anymore.

Hmm...  this is odd.

>Well, I checked again just yesterday and much to my 
>amazement I could receive my beloved Global Mollweide IR-loop again!  Could 
>you have "fixed" our installation remotely?

Yes.  I took the liberty of logging onto halo and doing the ldm-mcidas
decoder upgrade.  While I was at it, I upgraded your McIDAS-X
installation to the latest bug fix level.  I did not, however, touch
your LDM installation.

>Anyway, we are currently attempting to get the sysadmin support which will 
>allow us to upgrade our installation to continue to receive your 
>wonderful McIDAS/GEMPAK products.

The fix is already in for the imagery decoding and McIDAS-X, so you
don't have to worry about this right now.

I will be making a new release of McIDAS-X available (7.70) "soon", but
I don't think that there is anything in the new release (right now,
anyway; it is still changing) that would mandate that you upgrade to it
before Christmas.

The other thing I did was to change the LDM request for images from
your upstream site so that the old "delta-encoded" ones would no longer
be hitting your machine.  This helps conserve on bandwidth and may be
part of the reason that you can once again see loops (i.e., multiple
images of a kind).

>Ward Hindman


>From address@hidden Fri Sep  8 15:23:02 2000

Dear Tom:

Thank you for your continued "beyond the call of duty" support.


Ward Hindman

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