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20000831: NLDN Lightning decoding

>From: David Harper <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCAR/RAP
>Keywords: 200008311412.e7VECVN29905 ldm-mcidas NLDN


>I'm in the process of figuring out the lightning decryption from Global
>Atmospherics.  Am I remembering correctly that you have already done this?

Yes, up to a point.  We have McIDAS and GEMPAK decoders for the NLDN
datastream that universities can get from SUNY Albany via direct
ldm-to-ldm transfers.  If the data you are getting directly from
Global Atmospherics is in the same format as the data we get from
the NLDN feed, then the work _is_ done.

Into what format are you going to be decoding the data?

You are more than welcome to grab the ldm-mcidas distribution and
look at the decode routines we use:

user: anonymous
pass: your email address
directory: pub/ldm-mcidas
distribution: ldm-mcidas.tar.Z
file: src/decode/nldninput.c


>From address@hidden Thu Aug 31 09:38:48 2000
>Subject: 20000831: NLDN Lightning decoding (cont.)


>We are currently getting the data off of the LDM,

If the feed is NLDN from SUNY Albany, than our McIDAS and GEMPAK decoders
will work.

>so I need the output to be the same format.

I was wondering what the output file type is meant to be (e.g., McIDAS MD,
GEMPAK ship, netCDF, etc.).  We have the decoders for the McIDAS MD
and GEMPAK ship, but not netCDF.


>From address@hidden Thu Aug 31 10:06:06 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000831: NLDN Lightning decoding (cont.)

We are currently using the binary file and a complicated ingest script.  In
talking with the database developer it sounds like we would like to write it out
in some ASCII format.  Beyond that it is not important (unless there is some
standard out there I am unaware of).

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